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Why Beasley?

Small companies can be overwhelmed by information, government regulations and all the related compliance and accounting issues. Beasley helps you simplify your life without trying to implement a big and cumbersome software solution. Not everyone can be an accountant or lawyer. And honestly, quite often you don’t really need one anyway. What do we do?:

1-Provide concise information about a topic – taxes, year ends, regulatory etc.
2-Provide folder templates. These are templates that you can use to organize the documents related to these topics. This helps you better understand what documents are missing, late, who needs to be advised to submit a document etc.
3-Provide the ability for you to create folder templates – whether we address the issue or not.
4-Allow you to create a dashboard of folder templates relevant to your business. Only purchase the folder templates that you need – and grow (and organize your operations) as your business grows!


Board of Directors members are listed on the Corporations Canada web site. This must be kept up to date (appointments ...
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Tenants and leases : Quebec

Tenants typically sign a lease prior to renting an apartment. This document serves as the basis for the relationship. However, ...
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Closing a company

When closing a company is is necessary to both remove your name from any registries and dissolving the incorporation (if ...
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Topic : Year-end

A year-end is generally a separate activity in preparation for presenting numbers to investors and/or preparing financial statements for a ...
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