What is Beasley?

Beasley Software is a critical document and records management solution that is aimed at SMEs with limited in-house IT expertise and resources, yet advanced document management requirements.  The founders of Beasley have identified the unique document management needs of accountants, accounting departments, and the businesses they work for. Beasley strives to make government reporting, audits, and daily operations easier and less painful for its users. Beasley is a new generation of document management solution that is easy-to-use and has demonstrable ROI for users, saving time and money through easy-to-implement structure and better organization. Beasley is easy to use, nimble, and enables payback for SMEs.   

Our cloud-based solution provides clients with the core document management tools that provide a framework to map document flow and organizational structure. To assist with compliance and proper storage, Beasley software enables companies to document and replicate all necessary archives for auditors, lawyers, investors, board members, senior executives, and anyone else who needs documents quickly. We value readiness, actionability, and transparency so our software is designed for customization. Beasley gives its clients control over the organization of their important documents, saving them time and money.  Beasley allows the appropriate people access to your documents and provides key information to company executives through its customizable dashboard.

We are focused on your business requirement

Beasley Software provides small and mid-sized businesses with the advanced core document management solutions that large enterprises use. We tailor our software so that it is easy to use, nimble, and cost-friendly for small and medium-sized businesses. Beasley brings order and control to your sensitive legal documents, financial archives, board meeting minutes, or whatever else is critical for your business to run efficiently – and even if you are not a Fortune 500 company with a large budget.

Using our cloud-based solution, will save you money, time, and it will keep your business nimble and flexible. We aim to easily adopt it into your workday so that anyone on your team can access it from anywhere. We get the right documents to the right people, making everyone on your team more efficient.  In addition, you will also now be able to better understand the operations of your company using your telephone.

We also know that you don’t have the time to train your staff complex management software and that you need to be organized so you can work as efficiently as possible. We value your time, so we aim to have you up and running within 24 hours and we will start with any application that you need. We designed our software so that it is easy to use, requires minimal training, and will seamlessly blend into your busy workday.

Why Beasley?

Small companies can be overwhelmed by information, government regulations and all the related compliance and accounting issues. Beasley helps you simplify your life without trying to implement a big and cumbersome software solution. Not everyone can be an accountant or lawyer. And honestly, quite often you don’t really need one anyway. What do we do?:

  • Provide concise information about a topic – taxes, year ends, regulatory etc.
  • Provide folder templates. These are templates that you can use to organize the documents related to these topics. This helps you better understand what documents are missing, late, who needs to be advised to submit a document etc.
  • Provide the ability for you to create folder templates – whether we address the issue or not.
  • Allow you to create a dashboard of folder templates relevant to your business. Only purchase the folder templates that you need – and grow (and organize your operations) as
    your business grows!



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